Secure payment

3D Secure partners with the CIC bank, transactions will be processed via 3D Secure.

What is 3DSecure? What is my 3DSecure code? Where can I find it?

3D-SECURE code is not on your credit card. It is a code designed for online payments only, sent to you by your bank. This code is attributed directly or otherwise you will be asked to define it during your first payment by credit card on the Internet (depending the policy of your bank and card type). Some banks may ask you complementary information such as your date of birth, etc.

For more information, please inquire with your bank.

What does this change when I am paying?

You make your payment by credit card as usual: Enter your card number, expiration date and security code (last 3 digits on back of card), you are then redirected to a secure website whose address begins with " https "and where it is required to enter the 3D-SECURE code.

Redirection is done automatically from the server of our bank to the bank's website to your credit card. This site is completely secure.

Our bank is connected to the server of your credit card's bank to verify the owner of the card in real time.

What will happen if the authentication fails?

If after 3 attempts, authentication fails, it will not be possible to make a payment via Internet with your card. You must then contact your bank directly to reactivate your security code. You can however continue to normally use your credit card to withdraw cash or pay via a physical bank payment terminal.